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Specialist in feed

  • Quick online feed editing
  • Better product ads
  • Help with expansion
  • Customized feed prep

What Xemel does

check Prepares feeds
based on the requirements

of advertising systems
check Corrects errors
in product
check Sets prices,
categories, carriers,
parameters etc.
check Creates customized
to your needs
check Merges
several feeds

into one
check Combines product data
from multiple sources
and multiple formats


As of now, we send
our client's product data
into 45 countries.

799 500

Are in the biggest feed
that we currently manage
in Xemel.


That´s a maximum
of how long it takes to update large feeds.

Expand with Xemel

  • We will get you into any advertising system in the world
  • We will help you with feed translations
  • We will prepare feeds for you in XML or CSV format
  • We can even handle complicated data edits
  • We will help you expand to Kaufland Global Marketpace
Expand with Xemel

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Lucie Call Lucie on +420 800 779 977 Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm or e-mail her info@xemel.cz

How Xemel works?

How does Xemel work
We add
your entry feed
in any format into Xemel.
In Xemel,
we edit and optimize

the feed.
You upload the optimized feed from Xemel into an
advertising system.
Special functions for multiple feeds
Merging several feeds into one
Merging products from several feeds into one feed is typically used for example for feeds from multiple suppliers. The merge creates one feed which contains products from all merged feeds (1 000 products + 200 products + 500 products = 1 700 products).

Merged feeds can have different formats, so you can use a custom feed with a Google Shopping type of feed etc.

Merging and optimizing product feeds in Xemel
Combining product data from multiple sources into one feed
Xemel can combine product data from multiple sources and multiple formats. Your online shop generates a product feed with a total of 500 products with information such as: identificator, name, price, description, web URL with portfolio, category, manufacturer. An advertising system requires more information on products though, such as warehouse stock and mandatory parameters.

Warehouse stock information is generated in another XML feed and the selected mandatory parameters are in a CSV file on a public address. We add all these three data sources into Xemel for you, Xemel combines product data from the sources together and generates one final feed.

Combining product data from multiple sources into one feed in Xemel

We´ll prepare feeds for whatever you want

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How does the partnership work

  • You contact Lucie with your requirements and needs
  • Based on those, we prepare a feed
  • We send you a ready XML/CSV feed
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